Act On Hope

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” Christopher Reeve

Yellow flowers in the sun

The world seems in many ways to be an uncontrollable skip fire. There are swathes of people who seem to think the humanity of others is up for debate, that other humans are a resource to enslave and exploit and that some amounts of money are just too much to save life. Nature rages at us for our neglect and abuse and ideologies seem to steer the most vulnerable closer to her wrath.

The social media form, which promised so much in bringing people closer together, has become its own hellscape which, instead of just reflecting the experiences of people in the world, has started to define the world in the image of the most provocative and damaged voices. Untruths run amok from there into our daily lives, into governance and into cruel consequences.

Even the most hopeful amongst us is starting to wilt under this heat and as we start to harden into husks, in need of some refreshment from the constant radiation of this world. 

But these battered optimists are the place where the fightback must start, for those who still have the luxury of hope must recognize this privilege and get back up. We must go to help. Too many are living without hope.

To the hopeful – Do not be overwhelmed. Grace has given you the ability to see injustice, unfairness and cruelty and still feel. To feel pain for others is a gift. It empowers you to act when it is not in your own interest – a gift to the world. It is the best of humanity. Where you are not burdened by the weight of your own pain, you must seek to lighten the load of others. Compassion must not be a quality only to have. It is a thing to do.

Take your feelings out into the world and make change. Get angry, get sad, but most of all act. Stand beside those who stand alone, raise up those voices that speak their truth and seek to salve those in need of healing.

It is your time to make a difference, no matter how small a way it might be. Speak the truth – do not deal in euphemisms or lies – be honest. Hear the same and repeat it. Bring beauty to those who are on the front lines of struggle and remind them of why they fight. Be just in your dealings with all. Create. Feed. Clothe. Support. Cheer. Do.

Act on hope. To make things better we must act.

To those without hope – we are coming – we just got lost along the way.

Author: lilithinfurs

Milk maker, shape thrower and drinker of Yorkshire Tea

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